What Makes Us Special?!

Who are we? What do we do? We’re a brand new company and a small band of creative and fun-loving individuals. Our specialty: jigsaw puzzles. Really, really great jigsaw puzzles made with the art of really, really great artists! We share a passion for art, kids and, well, creative fun-loving individuals! Our mission? To take over the world one smiley, puzzle lover at a time! Read on….

We make great puzzles!

We make original, fresh, bright, colorful puzzles! Environmentally friendly fresh, bright, colorful puzzles. US-made, environmentally friendly, fresh, bright, colorful puzzles. Hi-quality, US-made, environmentally friendly.. well, you get the idea.

We support great Artists!

We know not everyone is able to buy art, but who doesn’t love a good jigsaw puzzle? We bring the work of up-and-coming artists to a broader audience than they might otherwise have the chance to meet. Helping share their work with the world is our great pleasure!

We have great Images!

You may be thinking ‘are these puzzles for kids or art for my wall?’ Well, yes and yes! Many of these puzzles are fun and perfect for small kids. We consult with educators to ensure our images help kids have fun while learning. But long before that, the images have to pass this simple test: is it fun art that we’d happily hang on our wall? Yes! So you choose. Gift it, frame it or both!

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