Digit & Boo


Artist: Kit Katzenschwartz
Puzzle Details: 100 Pieces, 11×15
Box Dimensions: 6x6x2
Approved for: Hip Adults & awesome kids Ages 6+

Difficulty Level: Easy

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Say hello to Digit & Boo! Some say this is a robot puzzle. Created by Kit Katzenschwartz, it’s impossible to look at these captivating cuties and not smile. Are they robots? Are they distant relatives of the Ugly Doll? Are they the new Bert & Ernie? Or are they just darn cute? We’ll let you decide!

We have it on good authority that kids love them. Our top-bot here at Blue Dot Robot Games is a huge fan. In fact, the original lives on her wall even as you read this. So, we guess that big kids love them too.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Simple and fun!

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Weight 5.35 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 2 in

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